Access to information

Access to files

Data from the National Registry and the Property Register may be obtained from Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá Íslands). For data other than that accessible on the open website of Registers Iceland, an application for access must be submitted and paid for according to the price list. Below you will find further information on data from the National Registry and the Property Register.

Price list of Registers Iceland, (in Icelandic)

  • Web look-ups and/or electronic access to the Property Register allows access to detailed information on real property. The real property part of the Property Register provides the name of the property and identifier, property valuation, size, the name of the current and previous owners, together with further information. Searches can be conducted using land No., property ID No. or the name of the property. The registration part of the Property Register contains information on property mortgages. A fee must be paid for access.

    Electronic dissemination

    There are three types of access to the Property Register:

    • Web look-ups
      • Web look-ups allow searches of information on individual properties and the mortgages on the property in question.
    • Web services access
      • The information from the Property Register can be directly linked to other computer systems by using web services. In order to obtain such a link, the applicant (company or public body) must have electronic identification from an accredited certification service provider.
    • FTP access
      • FTP access is for a defined data set in the Property Register to which companies or public bodies can gain access. A fee must be paid for each line from the file. FTP delivery has been for major users only in their own operations and has not been for dissemination. 

    Price list of Registers Iceland (in Icelandic)

    Special processing

    Special processing from Registers Iceland may be requested. Customers need to send in an application and define the data requested. Customers pay for the work of the employee together with a fee for data according to the price list. 

    Price list of Registers Iceland (in Icelandic)

  • Registers Iceland contains e.g. an individual’s ID No., name, gender, marital status, children, domicile, residency if appropriate, place of birth, nationality, whether they wish to receive direct mail, registration in a religious association and more, as well as any changes to this information and other circumstances.

    Electronic dissemination

    Companies, public bodies and private persons may use the names file of the National Registry for commercial purposes. This means that when certain information is registered in the computer systems of the National Registry, e.g. when a childbirth centre sends notification of the birth of a child, the child is registered in the National Registry and its ID No. will subsequently appear during look-up by those who have access to the register. 

    An application for access must be sent and an agreement reached with Registers Iceland before the data becomes accessible from the agency. 

    X-801 Application for electronic access to the names file of the National Registry. You will need to register by using Íslykill or electronic ID.

    X-803 Electronic access to the National Registry in a closed look-up system

    List of National Registry agents

    DK hugbúnaður ehf
    Ferli ehf.    

    The National Registry is divided into three sections, i.e. the population register, the register of systems ID Nos. and the deceased persons register. There are different types of access that must be specifically applied for, and each type of access contains differing amounts of information. 

    Sample from the National Registry

    Samples from the National Registry are taken by Registers Iceland and companies authorised to do so according to an agreement with Registers Iceland. Samples processed by Registers Iceland include population registers, voter databases, certificates and special processing. Contracted companies take samples to be used in surveys and/or market research.

    Only authorised sample-taking entities may take samples approved by Registers Iceland. Samples for surveys. All enquiries regarding procedures by sample-taking entities are to be sent to

    Registers Iceland allows people to exempt themselves from being part of samples by requesting to be listed in a restricted registry.

    Research classified as scientific research is exempted pursuant to special authorisation by the Data Protection Authority.

    Price list of Registers Iceland, in effect as of 12 February 2016 (in Icelandic)

    A list of sample-taking entities:

    Ferli ehf
    Gallup GÍ rannsóknir ehf
    Iceland Post
    Markaðsráð ehf.
    MMR ehf

    Other information disclosure

    Information disclosure, e.g. due to requests by mail or telephone, is always evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Information on the present legal domicile of persons, date of death and full name (spelling) are examples of information that is generally disclosed to third parties on request. Information on ID numbers, marital status, spouse, etc. is not disclosed to third parties.